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The World Handicap System has three main objectives:

(i) to encourage as many golfers as possible to obtain and maintain a handicap;

(ii) to enable golfers of differing abilities, genders and nationalities to take their handicap to any course in the world and compete on a fair basis; and

(iii) to indicate with sufficient accuracy the score a golfer is reasonably capable of achieving on any course around the world, playing under normal conditions.

Currently clubs, England Golf and system suppliers are working through the logistics with regards to inputting scores when players are "Away" from their "Home" club.  The committee encourage golfers to download both the igMember App (Intelligent Golf) and MyEG App (England Golf Union).

Process for visiting GB & Ireland Courses

1. Go to the Pro Shop/reception of the golf club your are visiting and tell them you want to pre-register a General Play individual score as a qualifier for your Handicap Index.
Hopefully then will have a process in place to facilitate that. You will need your unique CDH number. But they may not so please allow yourself good time to ask and plan or maybe even phone the away club to check beforehand.

2. If the club does not have a process in place yet to facilitate visitors registering for qualifying scores then we will be able to help here at Benton Hall. Currently it is what I think they call a "Work Around"!!

3. Email to Lee Cocker, Golf Professional at Benton Hall ( or Andrew Bedford, Handicap Secretary of the Men's Committee ( BEFORE you play to confirm you are pre-registering a qualifying round. It is OK to ask the Golf Pro Shop or Registration\ Admin at the away club to do this for you - although they may not have time/ be able to.
‚ÄčIf all else fails then you can text\Message\WhatsApp as a last resort to Andrew Bedford on 07768 303663.
We simply need to know:-
a. Your Name
b. The Golf Club you are playing a qualifying round at
c. Your Tee time and date
d. The name of your appropriate Marker

After your round, return your scores to Benton Hall club as soon as possible to ensure your Handicap Index is updated. This could be on return after the trip, to Benton Hall reception (where there will be a Handicap Folder); but  preferably either by email to Lee Cocker ( or Andrew Bedford ( or WhatsApp\Message to Andrew Bedford (07768 303663) 

Please, please make sure the Scorecard shows your name clearly, the Tees used on the day, the markers name and signature, whether a Stabeford or a Medal round etc etc. Be sensible, and we will then input the score via the WHS England Golf site to your player's record for our members as quickly as we can.

G1.4b/3 Membership of Multiple Golf Clubs in Different Jurisdictions (Outside of GB & Ireland)

There is currently no automatic post-back of scores between different jurisdictions and this facility will not be available in the short to medium term. If players find themselves residing in different countries (outside of GB&I) for a short period of time (e.g. a holiday) then they should return any scores to their home club as soon as possible to ensure their handicap is updated. This could be on return after the holiday, or by any other facility which exists to do this in a more timely manner.

A timely manner would be to either email Lee Cocker, Golf Professional at Benton Hall ( or Andrew Bedford, Handicap Secretary of the Men's Committee.

We can then input the score via the WHS England Golf site to the players records for our members.

If the period is of a longer nature (e.g. the player regularly spends a month or more abroad) then they should take with them a copy of the last 20 scores supporting their Handicap Index. The foreign jurisdiction will take this and set up the handicap record locally. Typically in these situations the player is a member of an overseas club in that jurisdiction and plays competitively whilst resident there. At the end of the period away, the player should take a copy of their record whilst residing abroad to allow these scores to be input at their home club and thus adjust their handicap accordingly on the home system. This process will vary depending upon which jurisdiction the player is temporarily resident. The National Union should be able to advise the best approach for a specific country.

Andrew Bedford, Handicap Secretary, Benton Hall
Mob: 07768 303663


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