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Updated: 17th May 2021

This page contains a list of Temporary Local Rules that are currently in place due to specific course conditions or other temporary factors. These rules will be regularly reviewed and updated as and when appropriate.

The Local Rules page displays a full list of the existing Local Rules that apply at all times.

Preferred Lies in Bunkers - Model Local Rule E-3 (adapted) CONGU

When a player's ball lies in any bunker, the player may take free relief once only by placing the original ball or another ball in and playing it from this relief area:

Reference Point: Spot of the original ball.
Size of Relief Area Measured from Reference Point: 6 inches from the reference point, but with these limits:
Limits on Location of Relief Area:

  • Must not be nearer the hole than the reference point, and
  • Must be within the same bunker
  • The Relief Area cannot be smoothed before placing.

In proceeding under this Local Rule, the player must choose a spot to place the ball and use the procedures for replacing a ball under Rules 14.2b (2) and 14.2e.  

NB - Ball may be cleaned.

Penalty for Playing Ball from a Wrong Place in Breach of Local Rule: General Penalty Under Rule 14.7a.

General Penalty
Loss of hole in match play or two penalty strokes in stroke play.

Code of Conduct - Rule 13.2 (Amended)

The flagstick MUST be left in the hole at all times and must not be removed or deliberately touched by any player. A player who is repeatedly in breach of this requirement may face disciplinary action under the Club’s code of conduct.

Centering of Flagstick

Players are allowed to centre the flagstick in a safe manner which does not involve using the hand, even when wearing a glove or using a towel (for example, by using a club). The centring of the flagstick may be allowed while another player putts (this may be desirable in windy conditions when the flagstick is required to be left in the hole and is leaning towards the player making the stroke).

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